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Haus of Human

Unlock Human Potential

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Haus of Human

At Haus of Human, we are culture architects who believe that people join people, not companies. We humanize brands paving the way for businesses and talent to thrive.​We focus on powering up people and businesses through talent and culture consulting services, cultivating a uniquely influential culture that drives belonging, purpose, and business impact for our clients.

Our Values

At Haus of Human, we live and breathe our core values. They permeate every aspect of our work and are the foundation of our relationships. 

Human to Human 

We embrace differences and approach all people with openness and empathy.

Fearless Imagination

Experiment, fail fast, learn, adjust, and succeed.

Keep it Real

We believe in unapologetically being who we are and want the same for our clients.



At Haus of Human, we offer a full range of people and culture services to power up your people and pave the way for your business and culture to thrive.

Who We Are

We are passionate women who believe in the power of human connection and watching that value and purpose transform individuals and businesses.

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